What About In Between Sundays?

The Christian life is more than Sunday service. It's about the day to day, that daily living we all must do.

Though Sunday worship is a beautiful and wonderful part of what we do, the scriptures are mostly lived out here. 

If we believe that we are to be devoted to Jesus every day, everywhere, then how do we do it?

Below you will find some help for The Daily with the areas of discipleship, prayer, and Bible reading. They aren't exhaustive and there are many more helps available. These are some that we have found or created to make available to our Aim Church family. Feel free to download any or all resources and contact us with any questions.


We must meet in smaller environments in order to work out out salvation and to do the "one-anothers" of scripture. Discipleship groups of 2-4 people allow us safe spaces to grow further in what we read and learn on Sundays and to weep and rejoice together. There are many great tools available out there for this. For Aim Church, we developed our own called "GAP" groups. GAP is an acronym for "Grow," "Apply," and "Pray" that helps us to meet together and center around the word of God and fill the gaps between Sundays and other voids in life. Watch THIS VIDEO to learn more.

  gap group guide

Daily Bible Reading

The word of God is central to all we are and do with Aim Church. We not only understand that we need to be regularly and sincerely reading and learning it, but we also understand that it guides us through life and brings great joy. Aside from Sunday mornings and other Bible studies we may do, we need to be in the word each day, somehow, some way. 

Below are some pdf's of reading plans for the year from beginner to seasoned. Some are our material, others are downloaded from the mentioned organizations. There are also many more available online. You can download here or pick on up in the lobby on Sunday. Pick one for this year and dive in!

One book for the entire year CLICK HERE

52 week whole Bible plan CLICK HERE

Straight through the Bible plan CLICK HERE

2-year Bible reading plan  CLICK HERE

Chronological Bible reading plan   CLICK HERE

Daily Prayer

During 2023, we will be meeting each 2nd Wednesday at our worship space for corporate prayer. There will not be any other formal studies as we are focusing on GAP groups and Prayer. For your personal times of prayer, we've attached some pdf's of different guides and ways to pray. We know that prayer can be difficult so we hope this helps. These can be done alone or in group settings.

A.C.T.S. prayer method CLICK HERE

P.R.A.Y. Method - CLICK HERE

Still, Steal, Steel method CLICK HERE

7 steps - extended prayer  CLICK HERE

Additional Resources

The Church today is blessed with an enormous amount of resources on all these subjects. There is no reason to not be diving in so that we can be devoted to Jesus every day everywhere. In our lobby at the worship space you can find bookshelves with more on these subjects and other topics as well. Please feel free to grab what you need and contact us with any questions you may have.